Sunday School

Just as Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me” we invite all boys and girls to our Sunday School to learn about our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Sunday School is all about discovering what being a Christian is all about and experiencing the truths of the Bible. Our aim is to help children and young people develop a greater understanding of Jesus’ love for them and the grace he freely gives to all who believe in him.

The bible is taught using resources designed especially for Sunday School (Find out more at and we encourage our children and young people to become familiar with the Bible with a hope that they will put their faith and trust in Jesus.

Junior classes i.e. Nursery/P1-P7 use a curriculum called Click which for those Nursery/P1-P5 connects into Children’s Church (this takes place during our church service). The main teaching of the story through games, drama and discussion happens in Sunday School with the consolidation through craft, activities and song happening in Children’s Church. We feel this provides our children with one take home message on a Sunday and a take home activity as well as a children’s address on the same topic allows parents to feel involved in what their children are learning week by week.

Sunday School takes place each Sunday during term time in the Church from 10:15 – 11am except on Communion Sundays (last Sunday in January, April and October).

There are two sections to our Sunday School:

Junior Sunday School

This is for children in Nursery/P1 to P7.

Senior Sunday School

This is for those who are in post primary education Y8 to Y11. Those in Y11 form our Bible Class. After attending Sunday School those who seek Jesus with all their heart are encouraged to attend the Church Membership Course when they feel ready.

Children are provided with a monthly calendar and information slips to inform parents of upcoming holidays.

Sunday, during term time in the Church from 10:15 – 11am.
Contact: Keith Moore (Superintendent) Tel: 077 6858 5674