Life has been busy!!

Apologies for the lack of information but I have been finding that September has been a very busy month.  In total, I have preached at 15 different services; 5 new church buildings / halls, 8 Sunday services, the installation of the principal of Union College and the dedication service of the VIPs.

In between the weekends there have been plenty of meetings to attend in Church House and plenty of people to meet.  We are sticking the pace but it keeps moving us on and there is little time to savour and process what we are experiencing.  We started the past weekend in Newmills, Co Tyrone to open a new church hall before moving to 1st Bangor, Bangor West and Millisle for the Sunday Services.

Yesterday (Sunday 28th) I began what is known as the Presbytery Visit; during the year as Moderator I shall be visiting 3 Presbyteries, namely, Ards, South Belfast and Down.  This week it is the Ards Presbytery.

Karen and I visited the West Winds Estate, Newtownards this morning to see the valuable connection which has been made by this congregation with the local community.  Those who attended the Wednesday Rally at this year’s Assembly may remember the minister who went boxing in Newtownards, Rev Alastair Bates.  He has recently left the Scrabo congregation for Wellington in Ballymena.  He is greatly missed in the West Winds Estate by those who belong to the church and those who do not. Photo 1 the Johnston Family from Hazelbank, photo 2  Rev Charles and Barbara McMullan, Photo 3 The Flahery Family, Millisle, Photo 4 Revs Mairisine & David Stanfield



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