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canada goose Dear Admins, Learn What You Can Do to Save Reddit!The first thing you need to do is actually hold moderators accountable, but it clear you don care about those who moderate hundreds of subreddits, some of the largest on this platform, while they censoring, botting and brigading all communities throughout Reddit, as proven by /r/sequence (which is just a recent example).All the /r/modhelp guidelines are being violated by those power users/moderators:It’s not appropriate to attack your own users.Secret Guidelines aren’t fair to your users transparency is important to the platform.Moderator responses to appeals by their users should be consistent, germane to the issue raised and work through education, not punishment.We expect you to manage communities as isolated communities and not use a breach of one set of community rules to ban a user from another community.Remove content based on your opinion.Take on moderation roles in more subreddits than you can handle.Take moderation positions in communities where your profession, employment, or biases could pose a direct conflict of interest to the neutral and user driven nature of reddit.Ban users from subreddits in which they have not broken any rules.Interfere with other subreddits or their moderation.Unfortunately, it looks like you don want to save Reddit.I think all censorship should be deplored. My position is that bits are not a bug that we should create communications technologies that allow people to send whatever they like to each other. And when people put their thumbs on the scale and cheap canada goose vest try to say what can and can’t be sent, we should fight back both politically through protest and technologically through software Aaron Swartz (1986 2013)You want genuine NN?Petition your state and municipal governments to allow overbuilding and competition!Did you all forget the total shitstorm Google Fiber went through, the lawsuits, and the eventual hands in the air to try and roll out a parallel network?I emphasize, a company with the resources of Google said “screw it!” because of the myriad regulatory issues in states and cities.This is an attempt by Silicon Valley companies like Netflix to make everyone on a given ISP subsidize their bandwidth costs, throughput, and infrastructure improvements “What do you mean, we have to co locate CDN servers because we have massive percentages of traffic?!”It all horseshit from massive SV corporations who want to keep their prices low at the cost of consumers.. canada goose

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