Down Presbytery Tour Dates

The above title suggests that I have become a Rock Star – but there is no danger of that!

On Sunday 2nd February I shall be conducting worship in 1st Saintfield Presbyterian Church.  This congregation is over 350 years old, is currently in a period of vacancy but has just issued a call to a new minister.

On the evening of 2nd February I shall be in 2nd Killyleagh which is now in a union with 1st Killyleagh.  The minister is the Rev Hiram Higgins, formerly of Cumber and Upper Cumber.

On Tuesday 4th February I shall be with the Down Presbytery as they and the 18 other Presbyteries choose the new Moderator for June 2014 – pray for the Lord to guide His people.

On Wednesday 5th we shall be visiting Ballynahinch Primary School (Assembly) the HUB (Not sure what that is!) and the CAP initiative in Ballynahinch.  CAP stands forf Christians Against Poverty.

On Thursday 6th we shall be in the Downpatrick area with a possible visit to the Downe Hospital; and on Friday 7th Karen shall look forward to returning to the Spa Primary School where she taught for several years.

Sunday 9th February I shall be preaching in Killinchy Presbyterian Church.