Pastoral Support

We seek to provide Christian love, affection and encouragement, which enables and nurtures growth in faith and relationship with God. We aim to provide this in a secure and welcoming environment. We also seek to support people, both spiritually and practically, as much as reasonably possible, as part of the local wider community.

Most of the day-to-day pastoral care we offer each other is given informally as our church family listen to each other before and after worship, and in the many contexts and groups in which we meet during the week.

We are here to celebrate with you, to struggle with you, and to ponder with you as you work your way through the many changes and challenges of life. From the soaring heights of love, marriage and birth, the passages of life from adolescence into adulthood and beyond, to the depths of grief and heartache, the Church is pledged to represent God’s grace and care to you in a non judgmental and loving manner.

Members are able to contact their district elder or our Minister, Rob Craig at any time to discuss any issue of concern or receive prayer. In addition to our Minister and Elders, we have a Church Visitors’ Committee who carry out visitation to the elderly and housebound members of our congregation. The C.D. recordings of our Sunday morning services also bring “the church” to those who can no longer attend church through illness or to our senior members.

Our Family and Children’s Worker, Sarah McKane also carries out visitation to families when a new baby is born and for other family related matters.

If you need to contact someone regarding Pastoral Support here is a list of useful contact details:

Rob Craig
Tel: 028 7134 7846

C.D. Recordings
Elizabeth Lynch
Tel: 028 7134 6680

Family & Children’s Worker

To get in contact with your elder use Rob Craig’s contact details above.

Church Visitors’ Committee
Use Rob’s details above.