The models were primping on the sixth floor but the catwalk

How Skylight Group’s Jennifer Blumin Is Changing New York Fashion Week

canada goose coats It was a skinny dipping Samantha Jones who transformed Jennifer Blumin’s fledgling business. In Sex and the City’s fourth season, canada goose coats uk Kim Cattrall’s alter ego takes a midnight dip with her beau, Richard ( James Remar), in a canada goose outlet eu scene that was canada goose outlet store new york shot at a rooftop pool specifically, the one inside Sky Studios, the first ever event space that Blumin helmed. “That was a game changer it gave us national, even global, recognition,” Blumin recalls. canada goose coats

buy canada goose jacket cheap In less canada goose outlet store quebec than 15 years, Blumin has built her events business, which started with a single venue, buy canada goose uk into a multimillion dollar partnership with IMG, which will host the entire schedule for New York Fashion Week beginning this September. No longer berthed in temporary tents at Lincoln Center, NYFW will instead take place at two of the storied buildings under Blumin’s auspices: Skylight at Moynihan Station, inside the Neoclassical James A. Farley Post Office, and a historic warehouse in West Soho, Skylight Clarkson Sq. Blumin says those venues shorthand the fresh approach that IMG is bringing to the event, unfettered from the confines of Lincoln Center. “Unlike tents, which have an ephemeral quality, this NYFW is about grounding fashion in the city canada goose outlet new york city and its culture, being inspired by the creative people in New York.” buy canada goose canada goose outlet uk fake jacket cheap

canada goose clearance It was a masterstroke for IMG to partner with Blumin, who calls her hard to define company “an event venue development firm.” Skylight takes temporary custody of empty, historic buildings around Manhattan; it then hosts events in those spaces for clients like Phillip Lim, Cartier, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and the Whitney Museum, which help confer newfound cachet on the sites. Skylight then deeds those buildings back to their owners, usually developers who can then leverage some of the Blumin generated buzz when overhauling the site. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Jackets An Ivy League grad (Cornell), Blumin developed her hustle working briefly in corporate PR canada goose outlet official (“a soulcrushing, fluorescent lit hellhole”) before a chance encounter with developer Jonathan Leitersdorf changed her life. He owned a 17,000 square foot triplex apartment in Noho; since he traveled for business much of the year, it went largely unused. Blumin volunteered to turn Leitersdorf’s place into what she called Sky Studios, a venue for launches, events, and, of course, TV and photo shoots. “I was thrown off the deep end, into that beautiful swimming pool, and figured it out,” she laughs now. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose Blumin learned lessons the hard canada goose outlet new york way firsthand. She particularly rues trusting the mysterious woman canada goose outlet england who offered her $10,000 in cash to canada goose outlet factory host a 90 person canada goose outlet london uk birthday party for her client; it was Blumin’s second month running the venue. “She said, ‘He’s a celebrity, but I can’t give you his name’ and right there, that’s a red flag for the future.” In fact, that anonymous birthday boy was Mike Tyson; instead of 90 of his closest friends, more than 1,000 potential revelers swarmed the building. Struggling with canada goose outlet london crowd control, Blumin found herself ejected from her own venue by a heavy handed security guard (another lesson: always hire your own muscle) before having to call the police. “I said, ‘Please help!,’ and they just gave me canada goose outlet mississauga four canada goose outlet store calgary summonses.” canada goose

canada goose coats on sale The irrepressible Blumin wasn’t deterred, though, and she powered through these teething problems to turn Sky Studios into a millennial hot spot. By 2004 Canada Goose Outlet, the Skylight Group was born. Her stylish venues became favorites of the fashpack Sky Soho, a nowdemolished building on Hudson Street, was home to Ralph Lauren’s shows for 16 seasons so she was often tasked with staging runway shows, a skill that will be useful in her new partnership with IMG. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Parka She’s learned to expect the unexpected. A typical experience was with British designer Jonathan Saunders, who hired Skylight West, a former parking garage Blumin had recently rehabbed near the West Side Highway a few years ago. The show hit a slight problem. The models were primping on the sixth floor but the catwalk was on the first when her newly installed elevators broke 30 minutes before the show. “So I found a broom and got into a stairwell that had been abandoned for hundreds of years. It had a five inch fuzz of dust and grossness, but I just started sweeping all the way down. By the end I looked like some Dickensian orphan covered in soot.” Canada Goose Parka

canada goose deals In her almost 15 years as the czarina of New York’s best venues, Blumin says canada goose clothing uk the party scene has changed dramatically for one thing, the number of events has ballooned. “Budgets are growing exponentially thanks to social and digital media, because you’re able to measure the engagement an event can create,” Blumin explains. Indeed, the event she ringmistressed on behalf of Google’s Chrome browser was themed around creating all the places you might use the program within a single space: Cue canada goose outlet in uk enormous set pieces including a full size airplane. Compared with the booze soaked bashes of the 1990s that Blumin herself once attended, the crowd barely registered the bar. Instead, guests focused on taking photographs of the decorations. canada goose outlet washington dc “If canada goose parka outlet uk I was in my 20s, I’d want to get wasted and play on everything, but canada goose outlet online uk the millennials don’t instead of sucking the nectar out of it physically, they’re doing it through their device, their audience, their followers.” canada goose deals

buy canada goose jacket Blumin has also seen her roster of venues change, hopscotching from one to another as developers or new owners reclaim the buildings. Morgan site at 23 Wall Street. “It’s a dilapidated building with a leak in the ceiling that doesn’t have air conditioning. I can tell you it’s the sexiest thing in the world,” she chuckles. “I can sell you anything.”Read more at:one shoulder prom dresses uk red prom dresses buy canada goose jacket canada goose outlet online store review.