One had a large stain on it and she didn’t canada goose outlet

What’s the worst adult tantrum you’ve ever witnessed

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Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. One time we were at Target canada goose uk site doing some grocery shopping and she tried to return a few dresses she had worn. One had a large stain on it and she didn’t canada goose outlet mall have the receipt or tags for the others. The cashier said he couldn’t take them because they had clearly been damaged. She spent the next 30 minutes crying HYSTERICALLY while he tried to ignore her and check out other people. She sat on the bench outside of the Starbucks (that was inside the store), facing the cashier, and just stared at him while crying. It was so embarrassing and I begged her to stop and just leave canada goose outlet with me.

Canada Goose online Eventually I said I would go sit in the car, and she grabbed me and said “it’s not real, I’m not really that upset. I know how to cry on cue.” That really freaked me out, how she stopped so suddenly to tell me that, then started up wailing again. I apologized to canada goose jacket outlet store the security guard who said he couldn’t put hands on her to remove her but had to insist she leave. She kept trying to get other customers to look at her and “see what they’re doing to me?” She sat outside the store for another 10 or so minutes doing this. It was ridiculous. I couldn’t apologize enough to everyone there, but I sure tried. Thankfully we only had 2 months left of living together, but I’m pretty sure that was a usual thing for her to do. Haven’t spoken to her since I moved out. Canada Goose online

canada goose coats EDIT: On the way back to our dorms, she did say she would return again another week to try with another cashier, and she did. She got the return. I wonder if she did the same thing again and canada goose parka outlet uk they just gave in. She was attractive, in a sorority she always bragged was the “best on campus”, and somehow had a ton of friends. I saw her throw similar tantrums the entire time we lived together, but the Target one was the worst for me because no one there deserved that, and I couldn’t leave since she drove. canada goose coats

Canada Goose Parka Another time, she locked me out of our room for 3 days because her boyfriend was visiting from another university. She wouldn’t even answer texts. She also went through 5 or so iPhones in canada goose outlet reviews one semester because she would throw them at the wall (or other things) whenever she was upset about something. She’s still a friend on social media, so I know she’s married now and doing very well financially. Just crazy to think anyone would put a ring on that. Canada Goose Parka

EDIT: Sorry, I guess I should have said her husband is doing well financially. But her locking me out for 3 days forced canada goose outlet seattle me to meet the two girls living in the room next to me, and they ended up being really good friends after that (still friends with one of them).

Canada Goose Online So, at the time, I was kind of afraid to report her because she was one of those girls I knew would get away with it and then I’d just be stuck living with her throwing tantrums and ruining my stuff for the rest of the semester. I know I shouldn’t have let her get away with it. It was 2008, I was a freshman in a new city, didn’t know anyone, and I didn’t want to put myself out there I guess. I don’t know. I wish I had said something. I did gain two friends who were decent human beings canada goose outlet store near me from it though. Whenever she would throw tantrums I would just go next door and get the “we’ve heard Crazy K crying and screaming for half an hour, what took you so long?” Canada Goose Online

cheap Canada Goose And she’s doing swell financially because she married a very wealthy man who is a big wig in the city. canada goose outlet shop I don’t know if she has a job now, but she was doing a shitty MLM thing a few years back. I went to the self service kiosks to print a boarding pass. As I’m waiting to use one, I notice this woman nearly screaming at several employees who were trying to calm her down. She kept saying her flight was about to board and they were going to make her miss it and she wasn’t going to do that so they better fucking figure things out. I mean she was pissed. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose uk outlet The employees kept trying to help her but she insisted on typing everything in herself and it kept being unable to pull up her reservation and she wouldn’t show canada goose outlet toronto location the employees her confirmation email because she kept telling them it was their “stupid fucking machine” and they needed to fix it. canada goose uk outlet

Finally an employee talks her into showing him the email. He looks at it as she is still yelling that her flight is boarding in ten minutes and he says, “Ma’am you’re supposed to be flying out of Love Field, not this airport.”

canadian goose jacket At this point I’m finished with what I’m doing but I did hear the woman start crying and the first words out of her mouth were, “Well what are you going to do about it?” canadian goose jacket

canada goose store Because I’m sure in her mind it was their fault she can’t read what airport she belongs at. I have luckily not witnessed too many people treat employees horribly at places, but this one was fantastic because the woman being so horrible had completely screwed up everything all by herself canada goose store.