Eschewing a bleak sociological approach for affirmative

What Albert Murray Taught Us About Jazz

Canada Goose Parka An essayist, cultural theorist, novelist, educator and biographer who died on August 18 at 97, Albert Murray spent more than five decades developing his thesis that America is a culturally miscegenated nation. His contention was that blacks are part white, and vice versa: that both races, in spite of slavery and racism, have borrowed from and created each other. In all of his writing, jazz music derived from the blues idiom of African Americans was the soundtrack at the center of his aesthetic conception. It was the creation of a canada goose outlet boston sepia panorama of black, brown and beige people, partially descended from Africa but fully Euro American in outlook, character and aspiration. Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose Online “The canada goose outlet las vegas omni Americans are the Americans. My conception makes Americans identify with all their ancestors.” interview in American Heritage, September 1996 Canada Goose Online

canada goose factory sale To fully understand Albert canada goose outlet niagara falls Murray’s jazz aesthetic, a vital part of the worldview he called “Cosmos Murray,” canada goose outlet you have to read his first book, The Omni Americans (1970). The collection of essays counter states “the folklore of white supremacy and the fakelore of black pathology” as social science fictions that dehumanize black people as inferior. “American culture, even in its most rigidly segregated precincts, is patently and irrevocably composite,” he writes. inner city social programs. Murray’s answer to such folly is the blues: home grown black music that acknowledges the “essentially tenuous nature of all human existence. through the full, sharp and inescapable awareness of them.” In the subsequent essay collection The Hero and the Blues (1973), Murray celebrates the bluesman as an epic hero who, in his tragicomic lyricism, confronts the difficulties of life through the creation of a resilient art. canada goose factory sale

canada goose uk shop “We invented the blues; Europeans invented psychoanalysis. You invent what you need.” interview in American Heritage, September 1996 canada goose uk shop

buy canada goose jacket Musically speaking, all this leads up to Stomping the Blues (1976). Beautifully illustrated with vivid period photos, LP covers and broadsides of black jazz icons, Stomping represents the zenith of his writing on the subject. Eschewing a bleak sociological approach for affirmative, literary prose, Murray celebrates jazz as the most advanced and comprehensive blues derived art form, one which ritualistically provides people with “equipment for living.” The music serves as a “stylistic code for representing the most difficult conditions, but also provides a strategy for living with and triumphing over those conditions with dignity, grace, and elegance.” In other words, one does not kill the blues, but one can, by what he called “the velocity of celebration,” stomp the blues to canada goose outlet legit keep them at bay. buy canada goose jacket

uk canada goose outlet In Stomping, Murray portrays African American musicians like bandleader Duke Ellington, singers Jimmy Rushing and Ella Fitzgerald, and saxophonists Lester Young and Johnny Hodges as courageous blues stompers. Their artistry is “a synthesis of African and European elements, the product of an African sensibility in an American mainland situation.” Musicologically, Murray also examines jazz in its myriad locales, inventions and dimensions, from New Orleans and Chicago to Kansas City and Harlem, and how it grew from a folk art to a fine art, “stylized into aesthetic statement.” uk canada goose outlet

Canada Goose Jackets Murray also co wrote Good Morning Blues (1985), the intimate autobiography of the pianist and bandleader Count Basie. It covers the halcyon days of Kansas City in the ’30s, where Negro territory bands reigned supreme and where Basie who hailed from the East Coast transformed his stride style piano into the rugged, 4/4 swing that canada goose jacket outlet sale characterized the driving Kansas City sound. The Blue Devils of Nada (1996) features more impassioned essays on Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and canada goose outlet reviews his friend, collage artist canada goose outlet nyc Romare Bearden. Jazz and the blues also color his quartet of semi autobiographical novels, starting with Train Whistle Guitar (1974), a coming of age chronicle of a boy named Scooter who hails from Alabama, grows up to be a college educated bassist and leaves home to find fame in Harlem like Philamayork. Canada Goose Jackets

cheap canada goose uk “Jazz is only canada goose outlet kokemuksia possible in a culture of freedom.” from Jazz: A History of America’s Music cheap canada goose uk

canada goose Though Murray was not as well known as his contemporaries Ralph Ellison, James Baldwin and Toni Morrison, his work not only lives on in his books, but also in well known Murray ites. Another is Wynton Marsalis, the celebrated musician and artistic and managing director of Jazz at Lincoln Center; the well known jazz performance venue was largely built on Murray’s philosophical and musicological ethos. “He’s my mentor, but it’s more than that,” Marsalis told Newsweek. “Stomping the Blues had a profound impact on me in terms of understanding the context canada goose discount uk of the art form and the society.” canada goose.